Hafenrundfahrt Hamburg


Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed on board?

Yes, they are! Bring your four-legged friend with you to the harbor boat tour and have a great adventure aboard our ships together.

Is there a discount for Hamburg Card owners?

The Hamburg Card is a tourist “discount card” which allows you to travel on public and transport and also receibe a discount on our harbor boat tours. The discount varies depending on the tour. Please have a look at our tours on:

Are there toilets on board?

Yes, all our ships have toilets! Of course, there is no extra fee charged for the use of it.

Can I buy tickets on this website?

You have the option to purchase tickets for our tours directly in our office, Landungsbrücken 3a. Here you can pay either cash or by card. However, we recommend you to book online, as it is more convenient for you. You would have the advantage to hop on board without risking standing in a queue.

How long are the tickets valid?

The booked tickets are valid until your redemption. However, we recommend sticking to the time and date that you have booked. Pre-booked tickets are helpful for our internal personal planning and guarantee you to have the best possible experience aboard our ships.

Can I use my wheelchair on all ships?

Unfortunately, on board our barges iot is not possible to take a wheelchair with you since the entrance has stairs. Moreover, the width of the entrance is also not suitable for wheelchair users.

Is there anything to eat and drink on board?

On board our ships, we provide a small selection of hot and cold drinks. We offer soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages, for direct consumption on board. During cold months, we also offer a small selection of hot drinks.

Do I need to print out my ticket?

Tickets for our harbor boat tours do not have to be printed out. Please make sure that the QR code or barcode is clearly visible. In addition, In case you do not want to print your tickets, it is recommended to charge your phone in order to be able to show them before boarding.

Where exactly do the ships leave for the harbor boat tours?

All of our ships for our harbor boat tours leave at St. Pauli Landungsbrücken, Bridge 3. Here the boats are ready for you  to hop on. Upon entering the bridge, which will guide you to the water, you have the opportunity to find your boat that you will hop on next. The ships are recognizable by their traditional construction and blue and red color.

Is there a place to park my car near the harbor tours?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find a parking space near the harbor, especially in summer. Moreover, parking can be quite costly at the landing bridges. Not to forget, parking tickets are only  valid for 3 hours. In case you still want to park here, we recommend parking between bridges 6 and 10. Parking is still expensive, but at least the chances are higher of finding a parking space.

Are there harbor tours every single day and under all weather conditions?

That’s easy, yes! The harbor boat tours take place 365 days a year. You can buy a ticket at any time at: https://hafenrundfahrt.com/en/harbor-cruises/and take part in one of our great tours through Hamburg’s port.

Where can I buy my ticket with the least effort?

Tickets for the harbor tour can and should be purchased directly from our online shop: https://hafenrundfahrt.com/en/harbor-cruises/. Since you buy them directly from the supplier, you not only have the advantage to speak to one of our team members but also a competent person on hand that helps in case of a problem. So do not hesitate to look for other providers and book your tour directly with us. We look forward to seeing you!

How often do the ships drop off at the docks for the harbor boat tour?

The ships for the harbor boat tour depart several times a day for the 1 or 2 hour harbor boat tour. The one-hour harbor boat tour is around every 45 minutes. The 2-hours tour starts at 11:00 a.m., 12 a.m. and sometimes even 1 p.m..

Is it possible to buy souvenirs?

Yes, in our main office we have prepared some Hamburg souvenirs for you. Whether clothes, mugs, key rings or other souvenirs. We have almost everything for you in our office. We look forward to your visit at Landungsbrücken 3a, at the top of the promenade next to Blockbräu.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

At St. Pauli Landing Bridges there are various locations where you can get something to eat. On the Jan-Fedder-Promenade, for example, you will find the fire ship, where you can enjoy excellent cuisine and also have a great view of the harbor and Elbphilharmonie. Furthermore, there is the famous Hard Rock Cafe and Blockbräu with typical Hamburg cuisine. Both are located at the landing bridges. Of course there are also fast food venues all around.

Can I book a ticket for a specific time and date?

Yes, our tickets are valid for a specific date. You select your desired day during the booking process and visit us at any time. Since our office at the waterfront and the office on the promenade are open until 6 p.m., you will always find a team member and of cours see our ships. Simply ask for the next departure.

What happens when all seats are taken on the harbor tour?

In that case, we already have a new ship ready for you to hop on. Our ships depart approximately every 45 minutes, meaning that as soon as one leaves, there will be the next one for you to board. Our work ethic is “no guest will be left behind”!

Does every ship sail to the Warehouse district?

No, only barges or flat passenger ships are able to pass through the canals of the Warehouse district. Long story short, ships must be flat enough to fit through the bridges of the Warehouse district and there must be enough water in the canals of the Warehouse district so that ships can actually sail though it. Barges are ideal for this trip since they are flat, narrow and maneuverable.

Will there be live explanations or will there be an audio guide?

All our harbor tours are live and in German by our crew on board. That’s a special thing about our harbor boat tours. We consider audio guides impersonal. Our crew on board have great expertise and lot’s of background knowledge, anecdotes, tell you about their own unique experiences, are able to answer your questions and give you detailed tips for your stay in Hamburg.